Morris Team

Morris Packaging would be nothing without the strong vision that began this organization and the team that makes each day possible! One aspect that we truly value within our team is diversity. Every person contributes a unique perspective that makes our culture one that you will enjoy being part of! It is an added bonus that our people live the Morris vision every day! Each person delivers on our promise to uphold collaborative relationships, transparency, and outstanding service. This drive makes our team a trusted choice when creating sustainable, eco-friendly packaging solutions.

Trust is something that we have earned from our customers through 18 incredible years. Trust is also something that our team notes they have loved earning through their dedication and growth on the Morris Packaging team. Our Customer Service Rep, Kaiyla Brooks, said, “In the four years that I have been at Morris, I didn’t start with many accounts. It takes a lot of trust, effort, self-will, and question asking to get to the right resources. Starting off so small, and seeing within the four years of my career how many accounts I could manage and how much help I can be proved the ability to grow.”

Morris Mission

Our team’s dedication to the values and goals of our organization is what makes The Morris Impact so inspiring. The three main impacts made are customer impacts, environmental impacts, and social impacts. The impacts that we make with our customers help our team build trust and relationships. We do not strive to simply sell a product that a customer needs. We aim to create eco-friendly, honest products that help our customers build sustainable companies.

While we seek to increase the sustainability of our customer’s businesses, we in turn increase the positive environmental impact of our business. Our green initiative helps us reach our sustainability goals of creating shelf life stabilized, waste-reducing products that are formed out of recycled resins that can successfully be recycled by our customers. 

The third part of The Morris Impact is to create a social impact through life-changing partnerships. An example of this would be the Morris Family Multicultural Student Center located at Kansas State University. Creating this experience for all races, creeds, and cultures further allows our team to truly appreciate and share in diversity. We want our social impact to start early and last for years to come. This is why we donate to organizations such as Boys and Girls Club of America, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, United Way of Central Missouri and so many other transformative groups.

Where are you making your impact? Are you stuck in a manufacturing job that you dread going to every day? Make the switch to a trusted manufacturer in the packaging industry and make a positive impact in your life and the lives of others. Do more, give more, and be more at Morris Packaging. Contact our team today to learn more or check out our careers page to find the perfect career opportunity for you!

Morris Packaging was formed with a strong vision after seeing a need in the industry. We’ve assembled the best team in the business to serve our customers. When you choose Morris Packaging, you work with people who believe in the power of collaborative relationships, transparency, and outstanding service. We are dedicated to creating sustainable, eco-friendly packaging solutions. To learn more about Morris Packaging or to join our team, contact us at 800-856-7627 or 309-663-9100. You can also contact us by email at for Sales & Marketing or for Human Resources.