Starting Your Shift on the Right Foot

One aspect that Morris Packaging is known for is its cleanliness. When you are creating packaging that is intended for food use, there are specific food-grade protocols that you must adhere to. And even though some animals are willing to eat just about anything, we make sure that our operators and other team members are trained to keep animals safe and healthy when creating bags that their food will eventually go into!

As an operator, you will begin your day by putting on proper personal protective equipment, or PPE for short. This includes a hair net or du rag, a netted face mask or beard net, ear plugs, safety glasses, and any other item that may be relevant to certain pieces of equipment. Taking these measures not only protects you and your safety, but it also aids in quality control.

Other ways that we take food-grade cleanliness standards seriously is by providing clean uniforms and maintaining top-tier standards with our amazing janitorial services! When team members who are new to the production industry come into Morris, they have nothing to compare our standards to, but when experienced production employees switch their careers from other facilities to ours, they are shocked to see the care that goes into the entire organization!

A Company That Cares

When you choose to become an operator with Morris Packaging, you have the ability to choose a schedule that is most beneficial for you and your family. When you are an operator on the second or third shift, you’ll have a unique opportunity to use your time wisely. Our team has shared what a convenience it is to spend time with their family during hours that they have not had a chance to in the past. When you work in the evenings or at night there is plenty of time to sleep and spend the day at a museum with your family or check out a game with friends. One of our hardworking operators, Dariyn Harris, says that he prefers second and third shifts because he can spend the morning and afternoon playing with his kids before heading into work in the evening!

Not only do second and third shifts as an operator give you the ability to spend time with friends and family, but it also gives you the ability to make real-life make sense! Have you ever had trouble getting in for a doctor’s appointment or stopping by the bank because your current or past job interferes with regular business hours? We value you and we value your time. Your time away from work is respected, having amazing medical benefits, PTO, a 401K, and bonuses! Your time at work is respected too, that is why you receive paid lunch breaks in our clean and stocked breakroom! 

Make Your Experience Positive

Some people live to work and others work to live. No matter what your reasoning is, we want you to enjoy your career with Morris Packaging. How can we make your experience worthwhile? By increasing your EXPERIENCE. If you come into a career as an operator with the goal to train on one machine, that’s great! We will give you the tools that it takes to be successful. If you join our team as an operator and have a goal to learn 15 machines, your dedication and effort will be recognized and you will be rewarded through our machine incentive pay.

Operators are part of our production team and you have the ability to learn as many or as little production machines that you want to. The more machines you learn, the higher your pay will be! Training and succeeding on multiple machines will also increase your level of responsibility and reliability and can open up the opportunity to grow in your career as an operator, or beyond!

We mean it when we say we care! You are an investment to our team and we cannot wait to see the ways that you grow at Morris Packaging and every way that we can support you. Join our team in Jefferson City, MO as an operator on the second shift or third shift and see the benefits right away. 


Morris Packaging was formed with a strong vision after seeing a need in the industry. We’ve assembled the best team in the business to serve our customers. When you choose Morris Packaging, you work with people who believe in the power of collaborative relationships, transparency, and outstanding service. We are dedicated to creating sustainable, eco-friendly packaging solutions. To learn more about Morris Packaging or to join our team, contact us at 800-856-7627 or 309-663-9100. You can also get in touch with us by email at for Sales & Marketing or for Human Resources.