Having a clean and healthy work environment is a large part of running a successful business. A clean environment positively reflects any organization, whether an administrative office, industrial workplace, or educational institution.

Whether you opt to hire a commercial cleaning company or have a key in-house team member, it is vital that your workplace be cleaned regularly. Keeping your work environment clean can significantly impact your employees, clients, and in turn, your bottom line. There are many ways that cleanliness and order translate into ensuring a safe workspace that becomes more productive and efficient.

First Impressions

An uncluttered and clean workspace sets the right tone for your current and potential clients, employees, and job candidates. Organized and neat areas inside and outside of your business can speak volumes about your priorities. It communicates pride, professionalism, your attention to detail and creates a very welcoming environment. It implies a superior quality product or service, no matter your industry.


Potential clients will most certainly be looking at your entire brand, including how your business space looks and feels. A chaotic and messy area, both interior and exterior, can result in a potential client or candidate walking away before you even have a chance to provide your service or sell your product. At Morris Packaging, it isn’t just the first impression that is a priority. It’s the all-day, everyday impression that we insist on striving for. Consistency is key in everything we do.

Our Chief Financial Officer, Eric Lanz, communicates it best, “We care about doing it the right way. What makes Morris  different is our quality processes, our certifications, the  way we take care of our customers with our customer service and account development groups, the way we take care of our customers with the folks that work out on the production floor. If you walk around the floor, I could go out there and eat out off the floor. I could eat off the floor in Jefferson City; I could eat off the floor in Minnesota. They are that clean; people care that much, the quality level is that high.”


Your Team

Prioritizing an organized and clean workplace creates a healthier work environment for your employees, but it also assists your company to function more efficiently and productively. With the number of hours in the day we spend at our place of employment, many think of it as their second home. Providing your team with a clean and comfortable space will increase their comfort, happiness, morale, and pride in their work. Thus, increasing their employee experience and lending to your company brand.

When you authentically focus on your company brand and create a positive employee experience in the workplace, you are creating a solid marketing tactic. There is no more effective marketing than personal experience or referrals, whether you are pursuing additional business or candidates for positions that you have available at your place of business. We understand the importance of a clean and organized atmosphere and take tremendous pride in the environment and experience we create for our employees at all of our facilities. Our employees are our biggest asset, and we set the bar high, especially as a manufacturing company. Just ask Glenn Bock, one of our Operators in Jefferson City, who states, “It is nice that you come to work clean and you go home almost as clean as you were when you came in.”

An organized and clean workspace allows for your employees to have a clear mind and concentrated focus on their tasks, creating a more efficient work environment for all. Researchers at Princeton University Neuroscience Institute published a study that analyzed the effects of uncluttered and organized living. The study stated that “when your environment is cluttered, the chaos restricts your ability to focus. The clutter also limits your brain’s ability to process information.”


Safety is A Top Priority

Protecting our employees is one of the pillars of who we are as a company. Providing a clean and organized work environment increases productivity and efficiency and contributes to keeping your employees safe. Clutter, disorganization, unclean surfaces, and poor air quality can also be detrimental to workplace safety. Having a clean and organized environment allows your employees to focus on the task at hand and limits accidents. Even something as simple as dust on a floor can play a role in facilitating a high risk of injury. Having a crew scheduled to come in or providing time within the workday to ensure team members conduct the necessary tasks to keep the workspace free of dust, spills, and debris is vital to creating a safe work environment.


Air quality is essential for providing a clean and safe environment. In an office environment, you can invest in live plants that filter out excess air pollutants and provide your employees with clean air and oxygen. A proper filtration system is necessary for a manufacturing or processing setting. The filtration system should be designed based on the products, chemicals, and processes your organization works with. In addition, creating a space with a high level of air quality can reduce the amount of sick time your employees need to take. Thus, creating an overall healthy environment for your employees to work.

Keeping your work environment well organized and clean is beneficial for your employees, customers, and your bottom line. It also assists in communicating your brand and creating a positive work experience for your employees that can reduce turnover and increase interest in those seeking employment with your organization.

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