February 26, 2024

2024 Focus: Environmental Sustainability and Social Responsibility at Morris Packaging

In 2015, the United Nations established 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to support eliminating poverty, tackling climate change, and improving the lives of people around the world. Morris Packaging has taken note of and adopted many of the SDGs as guides for its sustainability work.

Morris Packaging was founded in 2013 to serve our community by meeting a need in the packaging industry. Since then, Morris Packaging has added sustainability measures to support and expand that vision, including measures that go beyond environmentally friendly packaging. 

Some of the highest-priority SDGs for Morris Packaging include:

SDG 3: Good health and well-being

SDG 4: Quality education

SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth

SDG 9: Industry, innovation, and infrastructure

SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production

Image of the Morris Packaging warehouse with the text, "Sustainability and Development Goals (SDGs) that Morris Packaging is taking to heart in 2024

Focus on: Environment

Morris Packaging fulfills the sustainable development goals around industry, innovation, infrastructure, responsible consumption, and production. This includes Morris's flexible, sustainable packaging, which is ideal for pet and human food. With recycled content of up to 45%, this highly adaptable packaging supports sustainability efforts for the many companies that use it for packaging their products.

Graphic overlay of an image of recycled scraps with a "Morris Packaging" box visible in the background. The graphic demonstrates the three prongs of Morris Packaging's vision for sustainability, with Innovation (where the status quo is not accepted), Responsible Sourcing (with suppliers that share the same vision), and Health & Well-being (noting that healthy people are critical to a healthy economy), Morris Packaging's committment to sustainability is clear.

Morris Packaging incorporates millions of recycled water bottles that would be otherwise destined for landfills, using the resin from those recycled bottles as PCR in our packaging. We also reclaim trim waste from our factories' packages, reincorporating the waste into new products. 

Morris Packaging's manufacturing process includes rigorous design standards to reduce wasted time and energy on packaging that doesn’t work for our clients. Morris tracks factory emissions to develop benchmarks and guide emission reduction efforts. The manufacturing facilities are also designed to save energy and resources. Examples of this include our compressed air system, laser anilox cleaner, and thermal oxidizer. These processes result in less waste, faster cleaning cycles, and cleaner air for the environment.  

Image featuring an award given to Morris packaging for being a "Top Sustainable Packaging Solutions Provider in 2024" with the text, "Pioneering sustainability in the evolving work of flexible packaging."

Focus on: People

Morris Packaging recognizes that our team is our most valuable asset. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our approach to supporting our employees and community, aligning with goals related to health, education, and economic growth.

To support employees, Morris Packaging has introduced safety systems and training programs for each of our facilities, making sure that preventing falls, injuries, and accidents is the highest priority. We want everyone in our facilities to go home safe, everyday.

Alongside safety, Morris has introduced pay benchmarking systems that ensure that employees are paid competitively. Anonymous feedback is regularly collected from employees and used to inform policies and procedures so employees know their voices will be heard. 

Education and advancement opportunities are also high priorities at Morris, as they make sure employees know their careers are meaningful and their employer is invested in them. New hire mentorship, paid professional development, and a workplace that fosters diversity, equity, and inclusion are all part of every day at Morris Packaging.

Smiling Morris Packaging employee with text that reads, "Join a team that values sustainability AND YOU—Apply Today."

Focus on: Responsibility

Morris Packaging maintains memberships that help guide our own sustainability measures and has won multiple sustainability awards for our environmental efforts. Morris also funds local efforts in philanthropy and education, taking responsibility for making our community a better place.

We prioritize collaborating with suppliers that adhere to responsible sourcing practices and hold multiple accreditations in sustainability. At Morris, we maintain a supplier code of conduct that requires key suppliers to sign and acknowledge their alignment with our ethics and code of conduct. We consider environmental and social responsibility to be our mission, supporting our employees, our community, and the businesses that we serve with sustainability efforts to leave the world a better, healthier place.

If your company is looking for flexible packaging solutions from a company that weaves environmental and social responsibility into every decision it makes, Morris Packaging is the answer. Connect with us today to learn more about what our sustainable practices, packaging solutions, warehousing, inventory management, logistics management, and brand services can do for your company.

A Morris Packaging employee stacks flexible packaging, working on the efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing line that recycles solvents and oils, to promote sustainable manufacturing.

Morris Packaging is a socially conscious, technologically advanced packaging manufacturer with headquarters in Bloomington, IL and production locations in Plymouth, MN and Jefferson City, MO. We offer sustainable packaging solutions, warehousing, inventory management, logistics management, design and brand services across an array of industries. We strive to lead in the sustainability market, standing out as an example to follow in the packaging industry.