Flat Bottom Bags

Flat bottom pouches offer five panels of a printable surface to enhance brand marketing. This package design has excellent shelf stability, utilization, and appeal. We offer several closure options for the consumer’s convenience. Whether your product is merchandised on its bottom or on its back, the message will be visible to all from the shelf. Eco-friendly options are available.

Morris Packaging is committed to reducing the impact on the planet and conserving our resources as we need to make sound decisions today in order to avoid limiting the choices of generations to come.

Through our sustainability menu, we are able to assist meeting your sustainability goals in a variety of formats with the features you desire.

Recycled Content
Package contains recycled plastic

Package is 100% recyclable

50% PCR
Package contains 50% post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin

Ocean bound
Package contains plastic recovered as destined for the ocean

Renewable Alternatives
Sugarcane, corn, hemp, and starch based packages


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