Have you ever walked into a new job and felt unprepared or undertrained? Starting off your new-employee experience with little to no preparation can lead to quick burnout and feeling better about walking away from that new job. At Morris, we are striving to create an employee experience that not only allows you to feel well-trained and prepared but also gives you the confidence to do your job well and the courage to ask questions every day as we all continue learning together. It is our goal to make your new job at Morris Packaging a long-lasting career where you are able to grow, learn more machines, and increase your pay along the way!

During your first week of employment, you will experience in-depth classroom-based training, as well as on-the-floor technical training. During your second week, you will be partnered with a team member who is an experienced operator. This will allow you direct, hands-on, and personal experience where you can learn every aspect of your equipment and ask even more direct questions. Through this process, we want to ensure that you feel well-acclimated and empowered to create not only a new job but a successful career!


Our team at Morris Packaging has a well-structured training program for every shift. Each shift’s training program has a Manager and Training Assistants who will help each employee in training learn their piece of manufacturing equipment properly, from written understanding to hands-on learning. You can expect this training to involve the learning of stacking patterns, the use of a tape measure, and performing quality checks. It will then progress into more in-depth operation of the machine along with learning the ability to troubleshoot. We want you to understand every simple process as you work your way to advanced knowledge because the more you learn as an operator, the more advanced your career will become and thus your pay! Through this process of career progression, you have the ability to become certified on more and more machines. With each machine certification comes more experience and more income. If you are an operator who is experienced and certified on all of our machines, you can earn an additional $5.50 an hour!

As you continue to grow at Morris, we want you to know that this is a long-term career opportunity with benefits and a 401(K)-retirement package as part of our Total Rewards to full-time eligible employees. After six months of service, you are eligible to receive Total Rewards. One of our team members, Melissa Roark, said, “The reason why people stay is because it’s like a family place. Everybody gets along, and the managers are really nice to everybody! I believe that I will be here until I retire because the pay is good, they have a good 401(K), and the insurance is pretty good here!” Employee contributions are matched by Morris Packaging up to 4% with an immediate 100% vesting schedule, which for an average employee is nearly $2,000 in additional compensation!

Come succeed at Morris Packaging. Check out our careers page today and apply to the career of your choice! If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you. We encourage you to either fill out a contact form on our website or give our team a direct call at 573-761-4747. If you prefer meeting in person, we would love to see you at our Walk-in Monday events which are held at our Jefferson City facility every third Monday of each month! Come meet the team, tour the facility, and receive an interview all in the same day!

Morris Packaging was formed with a strong vision after seeing a need in the industry. We’ve assembled the best team in the business to serve our customers. When you choose Morris Packaging, you work with people who believe in the power of collaborative relationships, transparency, and outstanding service. We are dedicated to creating sustainable, eco-friendly packaging solutions. To learn more about Morris Packaging or to join our team, contact us at 800-856-7627 or 309-663-9100. You can also contact us by email at info@morrispkg.com for Sales & Marketing or hr@morrispkg.com for Human Resources.