April 4, 2024

Measurable Results, Proven Experience: Morris Packaging's Sustainability Menu

Morris Packaging prioritizes sustainability in every aspect of its operations, and we wanted to help customers understand exactly what sustainable options are available to them when they choose Morris Packaging.

Morris Packaging's sustainability menu

Using the familiar “three R’s”—Reduce, Reuse, Recycle—Morris has developed a Sustainability Menu to highlight precisely how our products can further customers’ sustainability goals. We leverage our technical expertise and use recycled content to deliver high-quality, sustainable packaging, all while tracking and analyzing data to ensure our sustainability measures are delivered as expected.

Text description of Morris Packaging's efforts to reduce waste: Flat Bottom Optimization (Next Level Reduction, Reduces Cost of Printing plates, printing and waste); Right Size (Technical Expertise to Right Size Your Bag, Correct size to ensure filling efficiences); Proven Experience (Successful Commercialization = Shortest Route to Transition); Source Reduction (Superior structures require less material)

Reduce: less is more sustainable

When it comes to flexible packaging design, the right bag size and an optimized structure can make a massive difference in the amount of packaging material used and the readiness of the packaging for production.

Optimized packaging dimensions reduce large-scale waste

Selecting the optimal bag size and shape minimizes material usage and waste per package. Morris Packaging offers a lighter-weight PE film to decrease the overall package weight. When you extrapolate the impact of reduced material used across a larger production scale, the benefits of having a precisely designed package become evident, leading to significant waste reduction.

PE film on a printing and manufacturing line at the Morris Packaging plant, being sustainably manufactured with recycled ink solvents and recycled PE content.

Packaging that works the first time around eliminates waste.

The team of experts at Morris Packaging is dedicated to minimizing wasted time, materials, and energy. Leveraging our understanding of your manufacturing process, we design packaging that seamlessly integrates with your equipment and product specifications. This proactive approach ensures you avoid issues like scrapped packaging, re-prints, and re-manufacturing, saving you valuable resources and streamlining your operations.  

Text description of Morris Packaging's REUSE initiatives: Recycled Resins (Post-Consumer Recycled Plastics and/or Pre-Consumer recycled plastics, Up to 45% Recycled Content in the Final Structure); Measurable Results (Measurable Data for Sustainability Tracking, Superior Structures = less material & optimal package integrity)

Reuse: measurable results

Morris Packaging uses an overall structure that makes abundant use of post-consumer recycled plastics and/or post-industrial content. With flexible packaging options that include up to 45% recycled content, Morris Packaging works to make sure less waste ends up in landfills each year. We also reduce our need for new plastics, reducing our overall environmental footprint. 

Benchmarking for continuous improvement

To ensure the use of our materials aligns with our sustainability goals, Morris Packaging tracks our material consumption, waste capture, and reuse. By comparing our annual achievements to benchmarks and by tracking our yearly emissions and waste, we continuously strive for improvement. Sustainability is not a static concept at Morris Packaging but an ongoing journey of enhancing our existing sustainability practices. 

Text description of Morris Packaging Recycle initiatives: Recycle Ready Material (Recycle ready structures with 20% recycled content, high barrier solutions); Measurable Results (Measurable Data for Sustainability Tracking, ability to run on existing converting equipment with similar efficiencies); Certified Compostable Structures (available up to a 2lb package)

Recycle: full circle product life cycles

At Morris Packaging, we’re proud of our developments in recyclable packaging and offer a recycle-ready flexible package with store drop-off. 

How2Recycle® pre-qualified structures

Morris Packaging’s prioritization of sustainability goes beyond our manufacturing practices. To support our customers' sustainability goals, we offer multiple pre-qualified structures that align with How2Recycle®* requirements. Adhering to How2Recycle®’s requirements can be challenging without the proper guidance, and Morris Packaging has the know-how and design capability to walk any customer through the process. 

*Additional components, product applications, or other attributes may change the final recyclability of the package.

Morris Packaging is ready to support your sustainability goals.

At Morris Packaging, we know sustainability options are essential to your business. Our sustainability menu outlines our efforts to manufacture sustainable, flexible packaging and expand our efforts past the packaging into the entire manufacturing process. If you'd like to learn more about how our sustainable practices, products, and processes can help your company meet its sustainability goals, contact us today

Background image of the Jefferson City, MO Morris Packaging plant, where team members are hard at work using Morris Packaging's sustainable manufacturing practices. Text reads, "Meet your sustainability goals with Morris Packaging" with an additional image of two employees enjoying their work

Morris Packaging is a socially conscious, technologically advanced packaging manufacturer with headquarters in Bloomington, IL, and production locations in Plymouth, MN, and Jefferson City, MO. We offer sustainable packaging solutions, warehousing, inventory management, logistics management, design, and brand services across an array of industries. We strive to lead in the sustainability market, standing out as an example to follow in the packaging industry.