Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

The first week in November is National Recycling Week. What better way to highlight the importance of recycling than by sharing what makes Morris Packaging sustainable and eco-friendly? Flexible packaging, material usage, and recycling scrap are three ways that our organization makes a sustainable difference. 

By using flexible packaging, we create a product that protects the intended contents of the package while allowing movement. This decreases the risk of breakage and damage through efficient means of transportation! If a packaging product is too stiff, you run the possibility of ripping or breaking the package. This would result in the need to produce twice the amount of packaging. Flexible packaging reduces the need for replacing damaged products. Flexible packaging also reduces the entry and retention of moisture. We strive to keep your product safe within our packaging!

We cut down on using an excess amount of materials by utilizing minimal weight plastics. The lighter the packaging, the easier it is store even MORE of your product within our packaging while leaving a smaller carbon footprint! How do we incorporate even more sustainable products into our packaging? We incorporate the use of alternative resins such as sugarcane and corn-based!

It is our commitment to deliver and develop sound and sustainable flexible packaging solutions. It is our goal to partner with local suppliers domestically producing raw materials who have the same sustainability vision. All of the choices that we pursue and all the actions we make today will affect everything in the future. A simple action that our team makes every week is that we send two truck loads full with 50 bales of plastic scrap to Constant Recycling. This amount equals around 80,000 LBS! Their organization takes the plastic scrap and reuses it to make corner protectors out of our material. Talk about reduce, reuse, and recycle!

A Company You Can Trust

Our accreditations speak toward our goals and commitments. From winning the FPA 2020 Silver Award for Sustainability and the award for Best Packaging Supplier 2020 in Holistic Sustainability by Pet Sustainability Coalition, we continue to win for our efforts in making a green manufacturing difference. Our company is SQF Certified to assure that our product, process, and service complies with regulatory, international, and scientifically proven standards for safety. Morris is also a member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition which drives our team and other members to make sustainable differences in the packaging world.

If you’re interested in a career with a sustainable manufacturing company, Morris Packaging is the place for you! We encourage you to apply, begin you career, and make an impactful difference.

Morris Packaging was formed with a strong vision after seeing a need in the industry. We’ve assembled the best team in the business to serve our customers. When you choose Morris Packaging, you work with people who believe in the power of collaborative relationships, transparency, and outstanding service. We are dedicated to creating sustainable, eco-friendly packaging solutions. To learn more about Morris Packaging or to join our team, contact us at 800-856-7627 or 309-663-9100. You can also contact us by email at for Sales & Marketing or for Human Resources.