On June 18th, the local Eldon Bassmasters club held a children’s fishing tournament at Randy and Annette Davis Farms in Eldon, MO. Our team, along with the Conservation Department and Scholastic Books, provided all attendees with new fishing rods, reels, tackle boxes, grab bags, fishing information, and fishing books. Our Safety Manager, Faron Morris, is the President of the Bassmasters Club and helped organize this successful community event! Each person received an unforgettable experience, one that impacts an entire community. 

Children, ages 15 and below, were placed into three age groups and competed in this fishing tournament where the winners were gifted with a trophy for their hard work. Our resident angler, Faron, said that as the president of Bassmasters club, he spent time during the event welcoming every attendee, thanking sponsors, and taking in all of the positive moments. He said, “One of my favorite highlights from the day was seeing a young child’s face when she caught her first fish, those are the moments that are priceless.” It is rewarding to know the impact that you can make in the life of someone who may never receive this experience. The Bassmasters Fishing Tournament is often the first time that a child in our community has the opportunity to participate in the sport of fishing. 

Diving into Morris Culture

We are a company committed to supporting our team and community. When we can give back to both through an event, that is an even better experience. In the end, over 116 new fishing rods were given away to the young anglers who participated, along with nearly 100 other door prizes! Within an hour and a half into the event, 306 fish were caught. Each child and their family were also provided a free lunch. It was a full experience!

Why do we love the opportunity to give back to our community? Each member of our team is a member of the Jefferson City and surrounding communities. It is important to contribute to the community where it can directly impact the lives of the people you care about. Morris Packaging strives always to support what our team members are passionate about. 

We are always looking for unique ways to support our community. If you are looking for a sponsor, you can contact our team to see how we may be able to contribute to your organization. If you are looking for a career opportunity, you can join a team who cares. Join Morris Packaging today.


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