What are you looking for in a career?

Is it a safe & clean work environment, a training program designed to help you succeed, or opportunities for growth and promotion? Maybe you want to work with a group of colleagues you can have fun with along the way? One thing is for sure: you’ll find it all (and much more) at Morris Packaging. 

Our employees at Morris Packaging are nothing short of amazing, and the quality of our people is second-to-none. Each team member’s journey is special since each employee brings unique perspectives, experiences, and ambitions to their work. By joining the Morris Packaging team, you will become part of one of the most exciting teams in the packaging industry. 

Since Morris Packaging’s inception, we have strived to create an environment that cultivates leaders who motivate and inspire the team. Morris Packaging is a place where building a tight-knit team isn’t just a concept but built into our foundation. According to the owner and ex-NFL player, Jim Bob Morris, “No one succeeds alone. That’s certainly been true for me.” Jim goes on to say, “The importance of keeping a team together is one of the main lessons from my days in football. The most successful teams over time keep their line together.” 


Morris Packaging is more than a company that builds and supplies packaging for large consumer companies. We are a company that makes an impact every single day. 

  • We build strong relationships with our industry partners. Creating a relationship that allows for growth and prosperity for all parties.
  • We are committed to creating and maintaining innovative products that help reduce our impact on the planet—making every decision with its social impact in mind. 
  • We create a safe, clean, motivating environment for our team members to learn, excel and grow.
  • We form partnerships with local community organizations that understand the importance of changing lives.

Our team is our foundation, and that foundation allows us to provide innovative products, exceptional customer service, a focus on sustainability, and serve our communities. We understand the importance of cultivating that foundation, always looking at ways to create an innovative, exciting environment that provides for both individual and company growth. Some of those areas that we excel at are; access to technology, a clean & safe work environment, training programs, opportunities for advancement, and a tight-knit team atmosphere. Please don’t take our word for it; check out what some of our team members say about working with Morris Packaging. 



Technology is an essential aspect of any manufacturing company, and Morris Packaging is no exception. We are constantly researching and developing systems that allow our employees to work efficiently and effectively to bring our products to market. According to Eric Lanz, Chief Financial Officer, “Another key differentiator in Morris Packaging is our consistent and constant reinvestment into the operation compared to some of our competitors. We are constantly re-investing money back into the operation to serve our team and our clients better. Putting dollars back into the operation allows us to create a technologically forward workspace that is safe and exciting.”



We pride ourselves on giving our team members a sense of ownership in the business, encouraging an open-door process that allows for innovation, creativity, and teamwork. We want our team members to communicate their ideas and suggestions on solving an issue or making a process more efficient. 




Setting up a clean and safe work environment is taken seriously from the top down. Our commitment to safety is unwavering. At the end of the day, it is one of the most critical focuses within the organization. Safety Coordinator Farron Morris communicates that the most important value is our employees and their safety. “Going home every day is the most important thing you will do at Morris Packaging. We invest in safety from a training standpoint and from an engineering standpoint. Morris Packaging is committed to the safety of our employees first and foremost, no matter what.”



What makes Morris Packaging different is the systems we put in place concerning our quality process, our certifications, and our commitment to creating an environment where the quality level is so high that you could eat off the floor of one of our facilities, according to Eric Lanz, Chief Financial Officer.




The majority of your training will occur on the job at Morris Packaging. You will be spending your day working alongside some of the best in the industry, constantly learning from your colleagues and passing along that knowledge. Learning never stops at Morris Packaging. 




One of the most important reasons to consider Morris Packaging is our excellent growth opportunities. As we grow and develop, more and more opportunities become available for our team in both the administration and technical departments. “There’s a ton of opportunity for an employee walking in the door here,” states Quality Control Manager Shane Kirschner.

At Morris Packaging, we are firm believers in promoting from within. Again, we believe in cultivating our foundation and utilizing our team’s talents to their full potential. We take your abilities and help you develop them. From on-the-job training, formal training, and mentorship, you will never be in short supply of opportunities to hone your skills and prepare yourself for advancement. 



Once again, our number one asset is our employees, and the tight-knit team that we have created is one of the biggest reasons we are as successful as we are. We are more than colleagues; we are a team with a common goal of creating innovative products and exceptional customer service, all the while focusing on sustainability, and serving our communities. 


If you are looking for a company with constant growth & product development, a safe & clean work environment, a training program designed to help you succeed, opportunities for promotion, or you just want to work with a group of colleagues you can have fun with along the way, apply today. 

We are currently hiring for several positions in Jefferson City, MO, and Plymouth, MN.